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Open Source Needs Help

Open source software powers the internet. The tireless and often thankless work put in by all the people contributing their free time to produce the highest quality code we all take for granted everyday is not sustainable. This critical infrastructure needs the support of the public and business to continue.

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You have worked hard on something that many people benefit from. Give your users a way to support your work


Write even more Awesome code! And worry less about the time and money your open source work costs you.


Do something special for the super fans who foster your projects.

What Fosterous is About

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Matt Warren

I started Fosterous with a mission of solving the problem of finding a way for the developers of open-source software to earn enough money to support their lives and therefore continue to maintain the important projects that are the foundation of the internet. I don't have all the answers - join the Fosterous community and help shape the future of open-source software!

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